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Benefits of Containerized Training Facilities


The use of Shipping (intermodal) Containers has gained wide acceptance in the Fire Service Industry as reflected in NFPA 1402 “Facilities for Fire Training and Associated Props”, 2019 Edition.  Some of the many benefits associated with containerized construction for the use of training facilities, training towers and burn buildings are as follows:

  • International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has subjected containers to a rigorous set of test parameters, resulting in a tested assembly with predefined structural, mechanical, and performance properties.
  • FTS Container modifications are conducted in a controlled shop environment where high quality standards are maintained as opposed to other conventional methods of on-site construction (concrete, masonry, steel erected structures, etc.).
  • FTS Containerized Training Facilities require minimal site preparation. Typically, concrete footings located at the container corners will adequately support the facility.  Conventional methods of building construction typically require a continuous foundation and concrete slab system.   A building owner will typically expend three times (or more) the cost on site preparation for a conventionally constructed facility.
  • FTS Containerized Training Facilities can be field assembled/erected with a small crew (typically in less than one week’s time). Conventional methods of construction typically require a much larger crew and longer duration of field assembly resulting in additional costs incurred by the owner.
  • The modular format of FTS Containerized Training Facilities allows the building owner to expand functionality over time (i.e. add additional containers to increase facility height and/or training features when additional funding becomes available). Future modifications on conventional methods of construction are typically problematic and costly.
  • FTS Containerized Training Facilities are purpose built with the end-user in mind (all available space is designed with a specific training objective in mind). In many cases, conventional methods of construction result in a “shell” building with limited training capabilities.
  • FTS Containerized Training Facilities have a total cost (design, fabrication, delivery, on-assembly) that is a fraction of the cost when compared to conventional methods of construction.

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