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Welcome to our series on fire training structures. In these blogs, we’ll delve into the innovative designs, versatile configurations, and immersive experiences offered by modern fire training structures, empowering firefighters to hone their skills and save lives with confidence.

Benefits of Containerized Training Facilities

The use of Shipping (intermodal) Containers has gained wide acceptance in the Fire Service Industry as reflected in NFPA 1402 “Facilities for Fire Training and Associated Props”, 2019 Edition.  Some of the many benefits associated with containerized construction for the use of training facilities, training towers -->


Why You Need Shipping Containers for Firefighter Training

Firefighters face a conundrum while training: how do they train for live-fire situations while ensuring their safety? Shipping containers for firefighter training offer a solution by equipping fire departments with affordable, durable training facilities. They help firefighters develop critical firefighter skills like search and rescue, -->


How FTS Single-Story Systems Improve Fire-Rescue Training

Firefighting technology is a boon for those training in simulated live-fire environments. Whether it’s increasing the safety of trainees with temperature monitoring systems or creating training scenarios with SCBA mazes, firefighting technology helps prepare fire personnel for real-world conditions they’ll face in the field. In -->


SCBA Mazes: What You Need to Know About Confined Space Training

Confined space training is a key part of preparing firefighters for what they’ll encounter when they face dangerous obstacles in the field. It helps them better understand and handle their gear, conserve air and learn to manage anxiety in intense situations. In this blog, we’ll -->