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How FTS Single-Story Systems Improve Fire-Rescue Training


Firefighting technology is a boon for those training in simulated live-fire environments. Whether it’s increasing the safety of trainees with temperature monitoring systems or creating training scenarios with SCBA mazes, firefighting technology helps prepare fire personnel for real-world conditions they’ll face in the field.

In this blog, we’ll explain how our single-story training units utilize firefighting technology to make the training experience safer, more valuable and more realistic for the departments that use them.

What Makes Our Systems Unique?

Our systems are designed for repeated, intense use. While similar fire training systems are made with insulated panels, we create fully insulated burn rooms that are specifically designed to hold up in repeated, high-temperature environments.

Panels can crack when repeatedly exposed to high heat and then cooled down with pressurized streams of water, but our solution holds up well for years if maintenance guidelines are followed.

How to Select the Right Training System for Your Needs

While we have a variety of training structures, the main considerations you’ll have to account for are the size of the system and the number of floors you want your system to include. All FTS systems can be customized to your needs, so specific training features aren’t exclusive to any one system.

Single-story fire training structures mostly resemble the live-fire conditions trainees will encounter in residential buildings. We’ll focus on these for the remainder of the article, but we also offer multi-level systems that utilize the same firefighting technology.

Open Bay System

An Open Bay Fire Training Structure sitting in a parking lot.
Our open bay fire training structure is a compact and affordable system for fire departments that need a reliable training option, either stationary or mobile. (C) 2010 by David Bosch 602-432-3888

Our Open Bay System is our smallest available system. This makes it a great option for departments that need a compact single-story training facility or those with tight budgets. Here’s some key information to know about our Open Bay System:

  • Composed of (1) 40ft ISO shipping container
  • Insulated burn room housed in one end of the container
  • Option to make it mobile with an ISO container chassis

Learn more about the Open Bay System.

Clovis System

Firefighters surround a fire training structure, preparing the system for a training exercise.
A clovis system is similar to the previously-mentioned open bay system, but a bit larger. The additional space can be customized with a SCBA maze, providing trainees with additional obstacles to train on.

Our Clovis System combines a 40ft and a 20ft container with a 20ft insulated burn room inside the end of the larger unit.

With a bigger footprint compared to our Open Bay System, Clovis Systems allow for more customized training environments, giving fire-rescue professionals opportunities to gain experience in varied circumstances. Here’s some details about the Clovis System:

  • Composed of (1) 40ft container and (1) 20ft container
  • Insulated 20ft burn room housed inside the 40ft container

Learn more about the Clovis System.

Scottsdale System

A Scottsdale Fire Training Structure sits in a gravel lot. It has a stairway and a roof ventilation prop.
Scottsdale systems come with additional training options like roof ventilation props and offer the largest floor space of our single-story training systems.

Our Scottsdale System offers the largest floorplan and most comprehensive customization choices of our single-story systems.

This makes it great for training additions like the SCBA maze. While your department can add reconfigurable mazes to any of these systems, the Scottsdale system boasts the largest floor space for room configuration.

Here’s the components that make up our Scottsdale System:

  • Composed of (2) 40ft containers
  • Insulated 20ft burn room

Learn more about the Scottsdale System.

How Does Implementing Firefighting Technology Improve Safety

Our training systems come with firefighting technology that make training safer and prepare firefighters for the breadth of work they deal with on the job.

From components that monitor burn room temperatures to fire doors that ensure swift exits in the case of emergency, we utilize a variety of firefighting technology to improve the effectiveness of our systems.

Temperature Monitoring System

We install a monitoring system inside all our burn rooms, which monitors temperature with two sensors, located at ceiling height and crouching head height.

This piece of firefighting technology ensures trainees are protected from dangerous heat levels with automatic ventilation systems that vent heat, also serving to preserve the system’s structure in excessive heat.


SCBA mazes train firefighters how their gear performs when used in close compartments, familiarizing them with their equipment; how their mask fits and how long an oxygen tank will last in high-anxiety situations. Because the number of fires has decreased in recent years, firefighters spend less time in SCBA equipment than they used to, which can have deadly consequences.

SCBA mazes allow for trainees to familiarize themselves with how their equipment works in a safe training environment, while giving them opportunities to practice how they’ll respond in tense, real-world situations.

This piece of firefighting technology creates rooms and hallways within a larger chamber, which allows the system to be reused across various training needs and objectives, better simulating conditions in the field.

Fire Doors

Fire doors are another crucial firefighting technology component that ensures the safety of fire-rescue personnel while also protecting the longevity of the training system. By utilizing custom handles, hinges and roller latches, and creating door entrances that are designed to expand in the heat and remain operable, we avoid many of the issues that affect other fire training systems.


Our single-story training units are a testament to the power of firefighting technology in creating safer, more realistic, and valuable training experiences. From our compact Open Bay System to our expansive Scottsdale System (not to mention our various multi-story systems), we offer a range of options to suit different needs and budgets.

Our unique design approach, which includes fully insulated burn rooms and the use of advanced firefighting technology, such as temperature monitoring systems ventilation hatches, steel flooring and fire doors, sets us apart from other training systems.

We are committed to providing fire-rescue professionals with the tools they need to prepare for real-world conditions, ensuring they are ready to serve their communities when they’re needed most.

Curious about obtaining a fire training structure for your fire department? Our systems are customizable, allowing you to create the ideal training system for your needs. Contact us, or call 1-877-268-8303 and we can provide you with additional information about how our systems can meet your department’s training needs.

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