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      For the most realistic maritime fire training structure available, look no further than the Maritime Simulator II from Fire Training Structures.

      The Maritime Simulator II is designed to mimic the layout and specifications of an open ocean vessel and provides significant live fire training for any maritime academy or shipping company.  This Maritime Simulator is even shaped to resemble an actual ship for maximum realism and training accuracy.  There are few emergency scenarios on an ocean vessel that you cannot replicate and train for using the Maritime Simulator II.

      The Maritime Simulator is created using (11) 8’ x 40’ ISO steel shipping containers and fabricating them to an additional (8) 8’ x 20’ steel shipping containers.  The standard layout consists of (5) class ‘a’ or LPG fueled fire simulation areas that may be placed in the 1st floor engine room, 2nd  floor cargo deck and 3rd floor galley and sleeping rooms.

      Some of the standard features of the Simulator fire training structure are:

      1. Repeated live fire training using class ‘a’ fuel, LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) or a combination of both. Class ‘a’ fuel will allow for fully alterable fire behavior by varying the fuel loading and ventilation while LPG fueled fires are controlled via an LPG control room located at the bridge level, allowing for independent operations of all burn locations.
      2. Multiple fully insulated burn rooms mocked up as galleys, sleeping quarters, engine room or other accommodation rooms. 2nd story locations can accommodate a cargo deck fire and fuel spill fire scenarios.
      3. Automatic flame monitoring and temperature monitoring system.
      4. The Maritime Simulator II comes with additional props such as interior and exterior ladders, active roof-tops, OSHA compliant guardrail systems, optional bow and exhaust props, marine grade doors and hatches.

      The Maritime Simulator II fire training structure is fully NFPA 1402 compliant and satisfies the requirements for maritime live fire training.  The Simulator can be expanded to incorporate other fire training props or may be customized to accommodate your budget.

      To learn more about the Maritime Simulator II, the Maritime Simulator I or any of our other fire training structures, give us a call at 1-877-268-8303 or fill out one of our quick contact forms and an FTS team member will contact you.

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