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      Firefighters face a conundrum while training: how do they train for live-fire situations while ensuring their safety? Shipping container fire training structures offer a solution by equipping fire departments with training facilities that help firefighters develop critical firefighter skills like search and rescue, hose handling, and flashover awareness.

      In this blog, we’ll explain what a fire training structure is, how it helps firefighters train for a variety of different live fire situations and explain how they equip firefighters with the skills they need to deal with any fire they encounter.

      What is a Fire Training Structure?

      Fire training structures are modular structures that are specifically designed to simulate real-world fire conditions, creating ideal spaces for firefighters to develop their skills in a safe environment.

      Shipping containers are a popular building block used in the construction of these structures. They utilize containers’ modularity. This quality allows container modules to connect to each other to create a complex floorplan and better simulate live fire conditions.

      Additionally, because of their modular nature, you can choose to expand them with time, making them flexible for a variety of fire department budgets.

      You could start with a single-story model, before adding containers to create a two, three or even six-story structure to give trainees experiences dealing with multi-story fire simulations. The cost of expanding is significantly more affordable compared to conventionally constructed training facilities.

      What’s the Difference Between FTS Containers & Conventional Construction

      The unique thing about fire training structures is that they are more budget-friendly to manufacture than a permanent structure.

      Additionally, they can be field assembled with a small crew in less than a week’s time, compared to traditional buildings that take months to complete.

      While fire training structures utilize concrete footings to ensure that the structure stays in place, conventional building methods require a continuous foundation and concrete slab system.

      All together, you save almost three times (or more) the cost of site preparation with a fire training structure compared to if you bought a conventional training facility. That leaves more money that could go to other areas of your department!

      Our Training Structures

      Our Fire Training Structures company can create a unique configuration to meet your department’s specific training needs. We make everything from open bay systems, which offer a simple and affordable training system for almost any fire department, to complex multistory training facilities that provide specialized training to prepare firefighters for even the most intense blazes.

      Curious about specialized training systems that train firefighters to handle aircraft rescue operations? We have a system equipped with 5 burn locations located in the cockpit, galley, lavatory, landing gear and engine, preparing firefighters to face every kind of aircraft fire.

      In addition to stationary structures, we also offer mobile structures that are attached to a DOT compliant wheeled chassis for easy portability between locations.

      Don’t see a layout that fits your department’s needs? We’ve got you covered. We can work together to make the best fire training structure for your department, customizing layouts to assist in specific training needs, with SCBA Maze Panels that can be reconfigured to create rooms, hallways and more.

      Our systems are customizable, so you can add everything you need to the system, including temperature monitoring systems, sprinkler systems, props, handrails, rappelling stations and more.

      Single-Story Training Structures

      Our single-story structures are specialized to meet specific training needs. Let’s take a closer look at the models we have available, so you can get a clear picture of the capabilities of these smaller systems.

      Some units, like the open-bay system, offer simple live-fire training in a single room, while others, like the flexible Scottsdale system, offer moveable wall partitions and 640 sq. ft of training space.

      Multi-Story Training Structures

      Multi-story training structures are especially useful for training because fires that affect multiple floors are more dangerous than those limited to just one story. By training in a multi-story structure, trainees will improve their decision-making, firefighting techniques and search and rescue skills in more complex environments, like the ones they’ll encounter in the field.

      For instance, while a single-story structure will enable trainees to master forcible entry, search procedures and fire control, multi-story structures allow for the simulation of a greater degree of fire conditions.

      Just like single-story structures, these systems have varying levels of complexity. Two-stack systems offer two floors and 1,040 sq. ft of training space, while the towering Tallassee provides twice that in six stories. Here are just a few of the multi-story systems that we manufacture:


      These innovative container-based systems offer a cost-effective, customizable solution to enhance your department’s training program and ensure your firefighters are always ready to respond to any emergency. From single-story structures to multi-story training centers, mobile structures and more, our solutions are customizable to simulate any training environment.

      Interested in learning more about fire training structures and how they can help your department stay up to date on the latest training methods? Contact us today to discuss the options we have available, and we can discuss how our structures can meet your departments’ training needs.

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