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Stationary fire structures provide an innovative and cost-effective solution for firefighter training. These training systems, typically modified with burn chambers and other firefighting equipment, offer realistic environments to simulate various emergency scenarios. All our stationary fire structures utilize shipping containers as the main building block. By using containers, you can easily customize the layout and configuration of your structures to replicate different building types and challenges, enhancing the effectiveness of training exercises. Additionally, their modular nature allows for scalability, making it feasible for training facilities to expand or modify their setups as needed to accommodate evolving training needs.

With us, you have choices of everything from single story and above, including structures six containers high. Dive into the various stationary fire structures you can choose from or customize below.


Open Bay System

SCBA System

Flashover Simulator

ARFF System

Clovis System

Scottsdale System


2 Stack System

Sable System


FTS Custom System 4

Manhattan System

Maritime Simulator 1

Maritime Simulator 2

Bullhead System

Multiple STORY

Tallassee System

Buckeye System

Fairmount System

Flagstaff System

FTS Custom System 1

FTS Custom System 2

FTS Custom System 3

FTS Custom System 5

FTS Custom System 6

FTS Custom System 7

FTS Custom System 8

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